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We will strengthen the training of highly skilled personnel to ensure high-quality development of the real economy

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Continuously improve the quality of personnel training

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We will intensify efforts to train highly skilled personnel

We will enable high-quality development of the real economy

The real economy is an important part of a country to achieve high-quality development, and talents, especially high-skilled talents, have become one of the decisive factors for the development of the real economy。Xiamen Technician College is the only national key public technical college in Xiamen,We will fully implement relevant BRICS strategic plans,Focus on the real economic needs of Xiamen,Steadily promote the reform of the school's engineering integration curriculum system,We will deepen the integration of industry and education and cooperation between schools and enterprises,To provide skilled personnel support for the high-quality development of Xiamen's real economy。

We will accelerate the building of BRICS training bases and enhance our capacity for providing social services。The college is one of the first member units of "Xiamen BRICS New Industrial Capacity Improvement Training Base Alliance",On the basis of building Xiamen manufacturing training base,Xiamen BRICS Intelligent Manufacturing Training Base will be upgraded,The effectiveness of the base will be further utilized in the future,Actively integrate into national strategies,Further enhance the capacity of social training;meanwhile,The school will also actively strive for the approval of the supporting project of Xiamen BRICS New Industrial Capacity Improvement Training Base,We will implement the 2023 BRICS Innovation Base foreign aid training program,Further expand the scale of BRICS training and improve the level of training,To provide Chinese solutions for the skills development of BRICS and other emerging markets and developing countries contribute to the strength of Xiamen technicians。

Steadily promote the reform of the engineering integration curriculum system, and deeply meet the needs of enterprises。Promoting the reform of engineering integration curriculum system is an important breakthrough to improve the training quality of skilled personnel。The College will strictly comply with the requirements of engineering integration professional construction, comprehensively improve the existing 12 professional integration curriculum standards, and form a relatively mature middle and senior integration personnel training model。此外,The college will also combine the learning ability and physical and mental development characteristics of technical college students,Bold innovation,This paper explores the training mode of middle-high technology integrated long education system, which includes "three basic" ability training for intermediate engineers, modular teaching for advanced engineers and special training for preparatory technicians,Improve the comprehensive quality of highly skilled personnel,The growth path of Chinese skill engineers has been initially formed。The college will also take the construction of engineering integration as the main starting point, comprehensively promote the construction of teaching basic capacity, further improve the top-level design, and perfect the modern vocational education system。

Deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and achieve a win-win situation between schools and enterprises。The College unswervingly promotes the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and constantly expands the depth and breadth of school-enterprise cooperation。As the leading school of the school-enterprise cooperation Alliance of technical colleges and universities in Southwest Fujian Collaborative Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "Alliance"),The College will give full play to the radiating role of the alliance,Build a school, government, bank and enterprise four platform,In 2023, it is planned to organize activities in the construction and transportation categories and mental health forums,We will promote the integration of industry and education and the expansion of school-enterprise cooperation to trade associations and outside the city,Promote the "three Communist" cooperation model in which schools and enterprises jointly develop curriculum systems, jointly train teachers and jointly train students,Cover more specialties,Participate in more enterprises,Stimulate the role of enterprises in the training of skilled personnel,We will improve the quality and quantity of training of highly skilled personnel。

The new era entrusts new missions, and the new journey calls for new actions。Xiamen Technician College will take the spirit of the Party's 20 as the guide, deeply cultivate the front line of vocational education, give full play to the unique advantages of technical colleges, and constantly improve the quality of skill talent training to help the high-quality development of Xiamen's real economy。

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