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A sanitary dead end in the community

They volunteered to clean.

Uncivilized behavior on the road

They are actively persuasive

The appliances in the residents' homes are malfunctioning

They help with repairs.

Residents need policies

They went into the community to preach


From the Xiamen people's society system722名volunteer

Not just at his postGlow and heat

It's also shining in the streetsVolunteer Red

The Municipal People and Social Security Bureau leads the creation of the party building brand of "warm people", focuses on helping to create a model city of national civilization, gives play to the exemplary leading role of party members and cadres, drives the volunteers of the global system to actively participate in various professional and normalized volunteer services, and writes the Lei Feng story of the new era with practical actions。


 Municipal Social Insurance Center

入选City Lei Feng activity demonstration site

Xiamen Technician College teacher Shen Yixuan

Selected city post learning Lei Feng model


The spring breeze melts the rain and moistens things silently

Municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau system volunteer

By actually volunteering

Strive to make Xiamen's civilization more bright

People do not understand the business and policies of the people's society

They guided patiently in the hall

Into the community to answer carefully

Give full play to professional expertise to carry out voluntary service

Further enhance the effectiveness of voluntary services

It's a volunteer in the city's social system

A highlight

Do you handle social services?

You can go here to understand the process first!

The city government service center on weekends

In the social security office lobby

Can still see

City social security center party member干部职工

Volunteer figure

Municipal social security center system operation section party member
volunteerLin Weicong
Every weekend, colleagues come to the volunteer service point in the Social Security hall to support。

Lin Weicong said that many people choose to handle the social security business on the weekend, hit the peak hours, the city's social security center party members and staff will take turns to the municipal government social security window to participate in guiding volunteer services。

Except for the social security office

Volunteer at the municipal Social Security Center

And often busy with various communities on and off the island

On February 25, Xu Liping, a volunteer of the Social Security Card section of the Municipal Social Security Center, walked into the New era civilization practice station of the Ridong Community in Jimei District to explain the functional application of social security cards for community residents。Many residents listened very carefully and raised many questions, and Xu Liping answered them one by one。

Three such lectures were held in the communities of Jimei, Haicang and Tongan in February, and social security policies were delivered to residents' "doorsteps".。

On March 2, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau was awarded the honorary title of outstanding unit supporting community development in the "Neighborhood Gathering 'Green' Joint Public Welfare Market Activity" organized by Siming Changqing Community Party Committee and Changqing Community Neighborhood Committee。The "New Era Civilization Practice Station Propaganda team" composed of party members and volunteers of the bureau system also joined the newly established "Red Dragonfly" volunteer service group in the community。

"People and social policies can be understood here!"

3月4日,In 2023 Xiamen "3·5" Learn from Lei Feng volunteer service activity month launch ceremony,The booth of "Love for People Volunteer Service" is crowded with people,Eight party members of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau system volunteered through carefully prepared policy publicity pamphlets and video materials,Answer social policy face to face,Gained a lot of praise from the masses。


Computer cleaning, ID photo shooting

Electrical repair, eyebrow makeup


In Xiangan District Dongxing community

The little Things in life

Volunteers from Xiamen Technician College often come to help

Since its establishment in September 2018, Xiamen Technician College Skills into the community volunteer service team has involved about 800 teachers and students, bringing convenience to 3,000 community residents。

The volunteer service team of Xiamen Technician College often sends residents flower arrangement skills, pot planting, building model assembly, interesting electronic products production skills and knowledge。

Every Tuesday afternoon, Party members teachers from all departments of Xiamen Technician College will also go to Xinwei Center Primary School in Xiang 'an District with students to carry out the second class volunteer service with flower arrangement, architectural model assembly, interesting electronic product production and other career enlightenment as the main content。The unique "Artisan small class" has become one of the most popular courses in the school。Lively and interesting photoelectric and floral courses can always let the pupils have fun。

Responsible person of Xiamen Technician College

In addition to staff volunteers, the school has 7,812 student volunteers。

The relevant person in charge of Xiamen Technician College said that the school brings skills and knowledge into the primary school classroom by giving play to the professional advantages of various departments, "at the same time, we also hope to let the seeds of the spirit of artisans take root in their hearts.。”

In order to better help Xiamen strive to become a national model city of civilization, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau regularly organizes volunteers to participate in activities of cleaning homes and beautifying the environment in communities during weekends.Come to traffic intersections during rush hour to help maintain traffic order。

For volunteering this weekend,

Are you free to come??

Towards the weekend

City talent center office of Dai Xiaoping

To the various departments to "recruit"

Party members take the lead

Volunteers at the city's talent center

Always respond positively

Limited volunteering places

It was quickly snapped up.

Every Wednesday rush hour, at the intersection of Fanghu South Road, Jinshang Road, you can always see the "red Maja" from the city's talent center busy assisting the traffic police to maintain traffic order。With the joint efforts of volunteers from the city talent Center and co-construction departments, the traffic order at the intersection is getting better and better。

Volunteering is a common practice

Volunteer in your spare time

It has become a habit of people in the community

In 2022, 509 volunteers from the municipal People's community system actively participated in the community's "clean home" environmental remediation activities on weekends, and 307 people participated in volunteer services at traffic intersections。

In addition to carrying out voluntary services, the Municipal People and Social Security Bureau also focused on the construction of "Love Xiamen", carried out in-depth party building brand creation activities of "Love Warm People" in the city's people and social security system, and continued to carry out various pairs of help to send warmth to the people in difficulty。

In 2022, Party members and cadres of the municipal People's Society system visited the love pair object 132 times。On August 5 last year and February 8 this year, the municipal People's social system successively organized the "Welcome the 20 big blood to help create the city" and "Warm blood to relay for life" unpaid blood donation activities, with a total of 76 people successfully donating 20,00ml of blood。

Before and after the Double Ninth Festival last year, the volunteers of the municipal People's community system and the experts of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine went deep into the Changqing community to carry out the free diagnosis activities for the elderly in the Double Ninth Festival, and to carry out the publicity of the knowledge of creating a civilized model city and the publicity of the elderly to prevent pension fraud。

On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, 610 kilograms of unsalable mandarin from a village fruit farmer in Tongan District opened up the market through the pair help group purchase activity of the municipal People's and Social Security Bureau, and many farmers were happy。

Qiu Mingjie, a selected student in the village, introduced that this is the fourth period of "love warm people association pair help" group buying activity organized by the municipal people's social system, which helps the village collective and villagers increase their income, and also promotes the development of the local specialty supply chain。

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