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It is good to have "her" in the social work post!

 Face complex window business 

She always stood up.

 Hit a hard-to-crack electronic problem 

She had the courage to break through

 Online activities are not supported by the application platform 

She came to "customize" the development


In the social work post

They interpret it with action

"Women do not let their whiskers and brows shoulder heavy responsibilities"

On the occasion of "March 8" International Working Women's Day

Let's focusHuman society field

Women who will bloom in the front line of work

Listen to their stories

This commitment is a responsibility that requires me to stand more in the perspective of the masses and serve them more patiently and carefully。


From Haicang District social insurance management center

Lin Huijuan, head of the Elderly and unemployed Section

Be awarded

The national honorary title of "Civil servant satisfied with the people"

This year

She's already at her window post

For more than 20 years

In the Social Security Center of Haicang District, we give Lin Huijuan "portrait", for more than 20 years, she has guarded a window, and is the "policy" and "walking dictionary" in everyone's eyes...Her heart, feelings, usage, interpretation of a grass-roots party members and cadres of the original heart and watch。

▲ In the business, Lin Huijuan has become a "policy" and "walking dictionary" in the eyes of colleagues.。

Lin Huijuan is an all-around"Social Security veteran

They call her "the people's champion."goodsamaritan

Lin Huijuan

The pension and unemployment Department where I work is at the forefront of the government's livelihood policies, and the social insurance business they handle is not a series of numbers on the list, but a major event that concerns the interests and happiness of the people。

Remember the summer of 2021,At the Social Security window came an emaciated old man with wet clothes,After he was laid off early in his life, he worked in many places,When I went through the retirement procedures, I found that my personal files were accidentally lost during the relocation of the factory,The previous 20 years of service cannot be ascertained,The estimated pension is just over 1,000 yuan。

A lot less, 20 years for nothing,

What can we do??

The old man's face was full of tears and anxiety。After seeing Lin Huijuan, she quickly came forward to comfort the old man, and immediately requested the archives of Xiamen Social Security Center to help find the old man's information on the original materials of the factory。At the same time, she actively docking Xiamen City archives, sent a letter requesting assistance。

▲ Lin Huijuan is working hard。

Lin Huijuan took the trouble, after several twists and turns, finally found the original archive materials to support the old man's participation in work, and helped the old man find the equivalent of more than 20 years of service, and the old man's pension was nearly 2000 yuan。

In recent years, Lin Huijuan led the staff of the department to handle more than 40,000 cases of land expropriation, retirement and unemployment of employees of organs and enterprises, serving the massesMore than 50,000 peopleTo carry out social security knowledge publicity in streets and communities163场次Let the people really feel the care of the Party and the government。

▲ Lin Huijuan is busy in the service window。

We won the first prize

(First place)!

As one of the few award-winning female teachers

Wang Ting will own success

Thanks to extra hard work

In August last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Central five departments jointly organized the national industry vocational skills competitionNational Industrial and information technology skills competition finalIn the middle school, Wang Ting, Lin Yanzhang and Lin Jiannan formed a teacher team and stood out from hundreds of participating teams in the national integrated circuit EDA development and application competition。

▲ The final of the National Industrial and information Technology Skills Competition。

As a team member, Wang Ting is responsible for the circuit design module。After signing up for the competition, Wang Ting kept studying the rules of the competition in addition to giving lessons to the students。In her spare time, she is skilled in competition software, has a solid theoretical level, and improves her technical operation ability。

In the meantime, Wang Ting "hit the wall" many times due to technical difficulties。But she rose to the challenge, trial and error。She went back to theory, consulted colleagues, and kept searching for answers。"The process of trying is tedious, but as long as the courage to try and make mistakes, efforts must be rewarded.。This is also what Wang Ting and students often say。


In my opinion, participating in the competition is not only a test of self-ability level, but also a process of repeated practice, thinking and improvement。The reason why you can achieve good results in the game is not enough individual efforts, but also rely on the cooperation of teammates and the support of the school。

"I grew up with the IC manufacturing profession。"Wang Ting introduced,The major of Electronic Technology Application (Integrated Circuit Manufacturing) is a new major opened by Xiamen Technician College in 2018,It is a pioneering move among similar institutions,The newly established specialty creates more room for teachers to develop,Although teachers are growing by trial and error,But the school has a very good atmosphere for learning and growth,At the same time, it also creates conditions and provides guarantees for participating teachers

In 2020, Wang Ting joined Xiamen Technician College from the enterprise. In the past three years, Wang Ting has constantly challenged herself and realized the transformation of professional identity。"Identity transformation requires me not only to do but also to teach, and in the process of teaching, I must continue to learn to improve myself.。Wang Ting hopes that she can continue to shine in the fertile soil of education and grow up with the school。

We need to attract talents internationally

But it's missing a useful online platform

What to do?

In 2022, Xiamen Study Abroad Center tailor-made an online comprehensive service carrier for overseas talents - "i overseas returnees" on the platform, which has become a window for overseas talents to understand and connect with Xiamen, and has been affirmed by overseas talents and employers。And behind this platform, can not be separated from the joint efforts of Lin Juan and colleagues。

Lin Juan transferred from the army to the study abroad center

Mainly responsible for information work

More than three years

She is responsible for completing

multisoftwareDevelopment and construction

And existing business systemsUpgrade and perfect

In 2021, Lin Juan proposed the idea of designing a small program called "i returnees", which was supported by her colleagues。


How can we extend the whole process service of attracting, retaining and employing overseas talents to the cloud, and become a window for overseas talents to understand and connect with Xiamen?

Based on this idea

Lin Juan in the design of the "i returnees" mini program

spentA great deal of thought

The launch of the "i Overseas Returnees" platform has been welcomed by the majority of overseas talents and employers, and has also been widely promoted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education, the websites of Chinese embassies and consulates in the UK, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, and the Overseas Students' Federation。

Since 2022,The city Study Abroad Center has held special brand activities such as the BRICS overseas Talents Project docking fair, special recruitment exchange meeting, and overseas returnees' visit to Xiamen through the "i Overseas Returnees" Master Shangtong,Online overseas talents policy, financial services and other functional columns,To provide overseas talents with "entrepreneurship", "work", "friends", "public welfare" and other diversified services,Expand talent "circle of friends" and "life circle",Enhance the sense of belonging of overseas talents to the city。

Work hard and dare to take responsibility

Brave dedication, charge in front


Thank you for every struggle in

In a social work position

On this occasion

Let us offer our best wishes

May every“她”All glitter

Renshejun these wechat are also very useful oh ~

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