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Introduction to Xiamen Technician College

       Xiamen Technician College is located in the Cultural and Educational Park, Xiang 'an District, Xiamen City,It is the only national key public technical college in Xiamen,The college is affiliated to Xiamen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau,Formerly known as Xiamen Advanced Technical School,It was founded in September 1961,It was resumed in 1979,September 2008 Renamed Xiamen Technician College (hereinafter referred to as the College)。

       College covers an area of 615 acres, the existing building area of about 21.350,000 square meters, total value of teaching facilities and equipment 3.With 0.6 billion yuan, there are 3 training bases supported by central finance, 5 national training bases for high-skill talents, and 1 Xiamen manufacturing training base。Adhering to the origin of vocational education, the college has distinct engineering characteristics and implements an integrated long-term education model. It now has 36 majors (levels) in 7 professional departments including machinery, vehicle, electrical, electronic optoelectronics, architecture, information technology and cultural creativity, and cultural Foundation, with more than 8,000 students。

       The college currently has 385 faculty members, 86% of whom have senior titles。其中,There are 5 national technical experts, 1 winner of National May 1st Labor Medal, 1 National Advanced individual in Vocational Education, 15 Fujian Technical experts, 1 winner of Fujian May 1st Labor Medal, 1 second Outstanding People's Teacher of Fujian Province, 3 Outstanding teachers of Fujian Province, 1 Huang Yanpei Outstanding Teacher Award of Fujian Province, 6 winners of Xiamen May 1st Labor Medal, and Xiamen TechnologyThere were 3 winners。

       The college has been awarded the honorary titles of National high-skilled personnel Training Base, National Advanced Unit of Vocational education, National Demonstration site of employee education and training, National Outstanding vocational college for school-enterprise cooperation and personnel training in the machinery industry, and Fujian Civilized Campus。In 2020, the College led the establishment of the school-enterprise cooperation alliance of technical colleges in Southwest Fujian Collaborative Development Zone, with a total of 8 colleges and universities and more than 200 enterprises joining the first batch。In 2021, the College was listed as the "BRICS New Industrial Capacity Improvement Training Base" and became the first member unit of the "Xiamen BRICS New Industrial Capacity Improvement Training Base Alliance", and on the basis of the construction of Xiamen manufacturing training Base, a new investment of 8071.870,000 yuan was used to upgrade and build the brick intelligent manufacturing training base, which was put into use at the end of 2022。

       Over the years,The college adheres to the school motto of "Honesty, diligence and perseverance",Take on the mission of "skills become talents, skills rejuvenate the state",The goal is to become the cradle of national first-class skilled talents,Establish "industry-oriented enterprise needs.,The main line is the integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation,Student-centered "school philosophy,Implement the "Five major Projects" for training skilled personnel。Since its establishment, the school has trained more than 100,000 middle and senior technical talents for the society, and the employment rate of graduates has been stable for a long time at more than 98%。The college has made great breakthroughs in the scale, level and conditions of running the school, and has now developed into a technical college with the strongest comprehensive strength in Fujian province and certain influence in the country, integrating vocational and technical education, technician training and vocational qualification。