Notice and announcement


Notice and announcement

Xiamen Technician College canteen window equipment project single source procurement audit before publicity

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Published by: Xiamen Technician College

Xiamen Technician College plans to use a single source procurement method for the canteen window equipment project, and the announcement is as follows:

1. Project name: Canteen window equipment

2. Purchase content and quantity:

序号Project name数量Budgeted amount (Yuan)
1Canteen window equipment1项99000元

3. Description of the goods or services to be purchased:

The purchase plan includes 27 campus card readers, 2 switches, and related auxiliary materials and construction services to meet the needs of the College cafeteria。

4. Reasons for single-source procurement and related explanations:

In 2022, the College has deployed the Campus Card system, a smart payment system built by Fujian New Cape Information Technology Co., LTD. The campus card swiping machine system used in the system has been stable and operating normally。In order to ensure that the new card reader in the canteen can be fully compatible with the existing system, simplify the operation and management process of the canteen service staff, ensure the smooth operation of the canteen, and avoid possible technical failures that will affect the dining experience of faculty, staff and students, it is planned to purchase the products of the original manufacturer。Therefore, the project plans to adopt a single source of procurement, and Fujian New Cape Information Technology Co., Ltd. is designated as the supplier of the project。

5. Name and address of the proposed sole supplier:

Fujian Xinkaipu Information Technology Co., LTD., Floor 2, Building 8, Innovation Park Phase I, No.3 East Technology Road, Shangshang Town, Minhou County, Fuzhou City

6. Reasons for application

√ 1.Purchase only from a single supplier

□ 2.Unforeseen emergencies occur and cannot be procured from other suppliers

□ 3.It is necessary to ensure the consistency of the original procurement items or the requirements of supporting services, and it is necessary to continue to purchase from the original supplier, and the total amount of additional purchase funds does not exceed 10% of the original contract purchase amount

7, publicity period (not less than 5 working days) : September 25, 2023 to October 8, 2023

8. Any supplier, unit or individual who has objections to the publicity of single-source procurement can give written feedback to the procurement department during the publicity period。

9. Procurement Department of the project: Logistics Security Department

Contact name: Mr. Huang

Contact number: 0592-7760153

Xiamen Technician College

September 25th, 2023